Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Prodaid manufactures Bowl Feeder for feeding of Carbide drill bits for Centreless Grinding

Prodaid Engineers recently completed an assignment wherein the requirement was to feed 2 types of carbide bits to a centerless grinding machine. The parts being carbide bits, which, though small were very heavy. They required orientation was axial with the dome shape to be forward. The parts being heavy, Prodaid used it vibrator Model PVBF 400  which has a load carrying capacity of 30 kgs with a cast aluminium bowl with stainless steel tooling. The cast al bowl was coated with PU spray bowl coating to ensure smooth operation even in the case oil or coolant was present. It also reduced the noise level resulting due to the touching of the metallic bowl to the metal parts but also with respect to the metal to metal contact between the components themselves. Hence, a rough texture was given for the coating. Prodaid also provided a linear vibrator, model PA-80 with tubes of 400 mm length to accommodate different sizes of carbide bits for further feeding to the centreless grinding machine. This provided a constant pressure and push to the parts when they entered the grinding machine. A stand was provided to ensure ease of operation with integration with the grinding machine of the supplier.