Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Prodaid supplies and integrates bowl feeder with press of customer

Prodaid recently completed a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of dia 17 mm x 12 mm thickness bush with a flange on one side. The requirement was to feed the components in a single line, singulate them and them place them onto the indexing table of the customer for further operation. Prodaid completed this complete unit including integration of the equipment with the indexing table of the customer. The equipment consisted of a vibratory bowl feeder Model P-VBF 250 with a 400 mm diameter top bowl made of cast aluminium, coated with polyurethane coating. A gravity chute was then provided made of stainless steel tube for further take the component from the bowl feeder to the indexing table of the customer. A Pneumatic Escapement was attached to the gravity chute which ensured only a single component was released. This pneumatic escapement was activated with a sensor which was attached to the indexing table, thus co-ordinating the same with the indexing mechanism of the customer’s indexing table. A speed of 60 parts per minute was achieved. The whole equipment was mounted on a square tube stand of suitable height.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Prodaid manufactures vibratory bowl feeder for rings

Prodaid recently completed a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of dia 28 mm x 15 mm thickness rings. The requirement was for a machine builder based in Hubli, having office in Bangalore. The customer wanted fast delivery within 2 weeks. Prodaid took up the challenge and kept the bowl feeder ready for inspection in just 10 days! The speed required was just 10 parts per minute but Prodaid achieved more than 150 parts per minute in oriented condition. Proper overflow provision was provided so that the extra speed does not hinder the operation of the customer. This further cemented Prodaid’s reputation as a one stop source for fast and on-time delivery of vibratory bowl feeders.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Prodaid manufactures feeding system for Spring Feeding

ProdAid Engineers, the 40 years old vibratory bowl feeder manufacturer from Bangalore recently completed an order for feeding system for feeding of springs having dia 12 to dia 18 mm having length 40 mm to 65 mm length. The total system consisted of a vibratory bowl feeder and linear vibrator ahead of the bowl feeder. Thereafter there was a pneumatic singulator to singulate and push side ways one spring each for further operation. These system was mounted on a single table frame. There was also an extra capacity hopper for bulk storage and feeding of the springs. It was mounted on a separate stand with a linear vibrator having an on / off mechanism. The total system consisted of complete electrical and electronic controls. A total of two similar systems were ordered by the customer and Prodaid completed both of them together with inputs and support from its partner, Elscint Automation.